Erwin Lasshofer

Everyone dreams of starting up an investment plan that will leave him/her financially independent in life. Many people in the ancient days had to save too much in order to acquire property in future. However this may not be ultimately achieved when the matter of financial planning has failed. Having the proper asset management is one of the most crucial factors that you need to achieve for success. Once you have set your objectives if financial investment, the next thing to do is get the right information from the right people. Such is from INNOVATIS which is an innovative investment and asset Management Company that will help you achieve your goals right.


it is a company that offers their clients with the necessary information on asset management. With the founder of this company having been so successful in the financial world, clients have the best choice in this company. Erwin Lasshofer is an expert in the sector of financial services. He established the company to provide financial services to clients throughout Asia and Europe which would cater for investors who are looking forward to getting the best advice for their business problems. He has the experience in the investment industry creating fresh entities in the UK.

Erwin Lasshofer and INNOVATIS

Erwin’s INNOVATIS company is one that has been structured to have networks of all the major financial investment entities such as banks, financiers, lawyers and insurance companies amon others. The company is set to provide innovative and new projects to the corporate investors as well as the private investors. This makes the company to have an expansive scope in addressing their clients.

Erwin Lasshofer’s innovative strategies

Being the owner of INNOVATIS, Erwin came up with different strategies that he implemented in order to achieve his set goal which was to provide the best financial services to mamy people. The expansiveness of his company is ine of the factors that makes him earn clients from all over the world. Erwin Lasshofer in Singapore established fresh entities where he drew the interest of many financial investors. Among the strategies to offer all the financial solutions are consulting and asset management. The consulting feature was a strategy that would implement fund investment advices for his clients. The asset management on the other hand was a strategy that follows the needs of the clients through the company’s asset management team.