Erwin Lasshofer

Erwin Lasshofer : The dedicator

Erwin Lasshofer the sole proprietary owner of the INNOVATIS is a greatest dedicator who dedicated his life for the world of finance. In spite of the difficulties faced by him on the road to success he defeated all the difficulties with his dedication and hard work. His dedication results as INNOVATIS with clients worldwide. From the age of 24 he worked hard to become a listed investment firm.

INNOVATIS Kingdom:           

            Erwin Lasshofer’s ideas are different which can be “VIEWED IN ALL OF ERWIN LASSHOFER’S PRESENTATIONS“. He is too active which can be identified from his connections with the professionals of other industry. His activity inspires everyone to be a part of his business. With his forward view he established his kingdom in all the five continents of the world with a huge success starting from Austria and expanded to Guernsey, South Africa, Italy, Panama, the UK, the Bahamas and now in Switzerland. The first INNOVATIS was a grand success in Hamburg, Germany started in the year 2001.

Outstanding services:

INNOVATIS not only expanded its company it also stepped its foot in various sectors of financial sector with the best team of INNOVATIANS. The team concentrates on every single client and provide them the services they need in the better quality for long run. With a wide global network the services provided by them are outstanding in the field of asset management. The network includes from banks to the lawyers. The services provided by them are highly secured.

Be wealthy and be healthy with INNOVATIS by your side:

Wealth management which is a major need for every human is an investment discipline that comprises of many financial services including investment portfolio management. The first choice and the best choice that comes to mind for wealth management is INNOVATIS with the greatest services and ideas provided by them leads to maximise one’s wealth. Their wide range of services made them different and attracted many towards them. Erwin Lasshofer: A Great Choice for Wealth Manager, whose tips for wealth management “Having a nest egg is not enough” states that Everyone should be prepared to handle the wealth, Spending it like the world is no more is not a wise choice whereas on the other hand saving it does not maximises it. Planning the financial future will play a major role in wealth management which lead to maximisation of wealth in a correct way.