Erwin Erwin Lasshofer has always been about bringing new and innovative ideas to the financial world. So it was no surprise when he opened his first INNOVATIS in Germany in 2001. The clients are institutions, asset managers, family companies, and select individuals with a high net worth. INNOVATIS provides clients with transparency, security, flexibility, speediness, independence from banks, and personalized care in the field of asset management.

Erwin Lasshofer has been dedicated to his dream since he was a young man. The Austrian-born native began in a listed investment firm. He quickly moved up to area manager and left the firm at the age of 24 to start his own business. He began with the INNOVATIS in Germany and then quickly founded more branches. INNOVATIS is now located in ten countries worldwide. Erwin Lasshofer currently acts as managing director and sole proprietary owner of INNOVATIS GmbH Austria. He also serves as board member to other INNOVATIS branches.

INNOVATIS leads the industry with its one-stop-shop service that combines asset management with the structuring of financial products. This allows clients to get tailor-made products that are customized to their specific needs such as currency, maturity, and security. They also have specially developed software that is constantly monitoring securities and portfolios.

Each INNOVATIS is its own separate legal entity that must comply with the legal regulations of the country in which it is doing business. Each entity focuses on one of three main business areas. The consulting branch helps to advise the client on setting up and structuring a course of action that would best suit their needs. This branch also acts as the marketing and designs strategic development for all the INNOVATIS entities. The asset management branch builds long-term international relationships with the client through the use of tailor-made portfolios that are specific to each individual client. Finally the equity and real estate branch funds and develops that are owned by INNOVATIS. They also work with some highly qualified third party developments as well.

Erwin Lasshofer has been bringing his cutting-edge know-how to the financial field for over twenty years. There are not many companies that have the experienced staff and convenient locations that INNOVATIS does. Those wishing to contact INNOVATIS can reach them at For more information about INNOVATIS you can also check out their website