If you haven’t heard about the man himself already, let me introduce you to Erwin Lasshofer, an entrepreneur, visionary, and genius of a personality. With over 20 years of experience in the field of financial management and strategic planning, this Austrian-born man started his career at the age of just 22. Taking quick leaps and bounds in the next couple of years, Erwin opened his own company at the age of 24 in Hamburg, Germany.

With the company named as INNOVATIS, Erwin looked to aiding his clients with meeting their financial goals and also educating them about the risks, benefits, and the usefulness of managing their money properly. As he started gaining rapid popularity, both individual clients and corporate investors from all over Asia and Europe were lining up for his advice regarding financial aspects. Specializing in fund management, financing projects, and individually catering to each and every client, Erwin earned an unmatched reputation.

By 2001, Erwin Lasshofer fulfilled his goal of expanding his brand to Hong Kong, South Africa, Austria, UK, Bahamas, and Panama. INNOVATIS with the started to become a popular name outside of its country of origin. This time, their range of services extended to strategic development regarding projects, trading of income, management of investment funds, and many other aspects of finance. Being the visionary that Erwin is, his goals didn’t stop there as he kept on striving to higher ground in the market.

By hiring exceptionally talented, brilliantly qualified, and highly motivated personnel, INNOVATIS began another major project in 2011 that satisfy needs of every specific client portfolio management, asset advising, and supplying custom financial products. Erwin Lasshoffer’s company went from being a Germany-based endeavor to an international giant, offering one of the best finance management services in the entire world.

You require assistance from a company that will not only guide you through every step of your plan but also get the work done according to your business ethics. INNOVATIS founded by Erwin Lasshofer will provide you exactly that. Striving to achieve perfection in every step of the way, this company promises to bring you services that are unparalleled in terms of efficiency and the results. Having made millions of people meet their financial dreams, INNOVATIS aims to provide only the highest quality consultancy and finance management advice that will take you a long way to realizing the true potential of your business.