Getting established in the business of monetary services is not an easy task. Ervin Lasshofer managed to accomplish this objective at a relatively young age of 22. Ervin managed to do so by working with an investment company which was listed to learn the nuances of the trade. Thereafter, Erwin decided it was time to make his mark in the financial industry to establish a company of his own by the age of 24.

Erwin Lasshofer Talks about himself and INNOVATIS

Initially, this was not an easy task for Erwin despite having the knowledge to succeed in the business chosen. It was a challenge for Erwin to convince investors in the corporate and retail sectors about his abilities at project financing, designing investment products and managing funds. Erwin finally managed to succeed when business started pouring in earlier than expected leaving him focusing on the markets of Asia and Europe.

The success of his initial venture led to dream of building a network of consulting firms to assist investors of all kinds regardless about their wealth. It was this dream along with the experience gained by Erwin Lasshofer, which helped him to achieve his vision and gave birth to INNOVATIS. For more detailed information see Erwin Lasshofer – innovatis-organization.

It wasn’t long before different entities of INNOVATIS were founded and established in different territories offering diversified services, which included but were not limited to strategic development for investors, trading of fixed income and other products and regulated investment funds.

Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG

It was in 2011 when Erwin founded INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, which is an investment firm for global assets and utilizes an approach known as unique to the world of financial consulting. This is a single-point service center for investors of all types. The services provided by INNOVATIS (Suisse) along with their investment team keep in mind the requirements of the client creating personalized portfolios and to develop financial products, which are tailor-made.

Erwin has often been interviewed and questioned about his advice to a budding wealth or an asset adviser looking forward to making a mark in the business. The advice provided by Erwin is not just simple but also practical. Erwin advises newcomers to the field to get a degree and some experience by working with an investment firm, to think like a CEO and to be prepared to work harder than their teammates. It is essential for a wealth adviser to have the abilities required to create innovative financial solutions for clients as required. Being reliable and honest is just as important because success cannot be measured by a profitable business or high-paying job.