People create career in order to create an established income, and a stable lifestyle, for personal reason, or service reasons. Whatever the reason is, people look into career because they want to feel safe. With many fields and careers out there, you wouldn’t know what to get, and where best you will benefit.

Erwin Lasshofer knew what he wanted, and that is a career in finance. Lasshofer started his career at age 22, in a listed investment firm. Two years later, already an area manager in that firm, he decided to quit and start his own finance based company. INNOVATIS was established in Hamburg, Germany on the year 1994. Although his experience solely relied on that investment firm he was working from, he proved himself to clients and investors that his is capable of bringing high quality products and services.

Over the years, Lasshofer continued to strengthen his company, and continuously attract clients and investors. By year 2001, Lasshofer has expanded his company to Hong Kong, United Kingdom, then to South Africa, and the Bahamas. By that same year he was able to co-establish several separate legal entities. Each of these entities focuses on specific fields such as, product development, asset management, investment planning, and more.
Ten years later, he established INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, a company that focuses on creating a tailor-fit portfolio with best financial planning that caters to the needs of specific clients. This form of self-innovation and high standard goal has created a well-established background for Erwin Lasshofer.

When you look at Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG, you will see a long list of achievements, and one of these achievements is creating a team with well experienced seniors and high potential wealth managers that aims to create a long term relationship with its clients. They establish a mutual trust, understanding and communication in the needs of each client, and create a form of social competence and specialization in the field of finance.

With 20 years of experience, Erwin Lasshofer manages to create a name for himself and his own company. He dedicated more the two decades of his life to establish a great career as a wealth manager in the finance industry and proving that one man can create a great career. Check out the latest tweets from Erwin Lasshofer and be inspired by his own determination in taking his career to his own hands.