Before you decide on any financial adviser and place your trust in him or her, you must be prepared to hold proper consultations to understand whether you can really benefit from their help. You cannot afford to make a decision without considering whether they can help you. In order to understand how you can do this you must be prepared to ask questions for any queries you have in mind.

These are the questions you should be asking

What are the qualifications of the financial adviser?

It is perfectly normal to make an enquiry about the credentials, and any training that the financial adviser has gone through. This question will help you understand whether he or she is capable is competent enough to deal with the financial market.

What is the experience he or she possesses?

Asking questions about their experience is also extremely important. You may want to understand which company they have been affiliated with earlier. Well-connected financial advisers will have no hesitation in giving the information to you. You must only deal with an individual who has at least three to four years of experience and can ignore amateurs who will not be able to help you. Individuals like Erwin Lasshofer who is the sole proprietary owner and managing director of Innovatis GmbH is an individual with more than 20 years of experience in the business of financial services. He worked as an area manager for a listed investment company for two years before his passion for the financial market encouraged them to get started on his own.

What are the services available?

Financial advisers offer several types of services some of which may not be suitable for your requirements. The onus off asking for the services they offer will be on you because you will be required to understand whether you would have access to personalized portfolios or will receive professional advice on different types of investment products. He or she must be able to give the information about the services apart from how they will communicate with you regularly. It is essential for you to be able to meet them quite often and receive information about your account with them. Erwin Lasshofer will have no hesitation in giving you information about the pros of asset consulting because this is their policy developed by the consulting firm Innovatis.

What are the charges you will be required to pay?

If you are asking for services, it is certain that you will be expected to pay for the services received. Therefore, it is essential for you to enquire how much the charges will be. Financial advisers generally work on a commission while some request for hourly wages. Therefore, you will be required to ask for details about the charges and make a request that the same be given in black-and-white. This will ensure you do not make any mistakes and are not in for a surprise after the services have been provided.

Can you give me information about accounts you have managed successfully?

Remember you are looking for proof about the competency of the financial adviser talking to you. He or she must be able to demonstrate their expertise along with proof of the accounts they have managed.

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