Getting the right asset management

Erwin Lasshofer

Everyone dreams of starting up an investment plan that will leave him/her financially independent in life. Many people in the ancient days had to save too much in order to acquire property in future. However this may not be ultimately achieved when the matter of financial planning has failed. Having the proper asset management is one of the most crucial factors that you need to achieve for success. Once you have set your objectives if financial investment, the next thing to do is get the right information from the right people. Such is from INNOVATIS which is an innovative investment and asset Management Company that will help you achieve your goals right.


it is a company that offers their clients with the necessary information on asset management. With the founder of this company having been so successful in the financial world, clients have the best choice in this company. Erwin Lasshofer is an expert in the sector of financial services. He established the company to provide financial services to clients throughout Asia and Europe which would cater for investors who are looking forward to getting the best advice for their business problems. He has the experience in the investment industry creating fresh entities in the UK.

Erwin Lasshofer and INNOVATIS

Erwin’s INNOVATIS company is one that has been structured to have networks of all the major financial investment entities such as banks, financiers, lawyers and insurance companies amon others. The company is set to provide innovative and new projects to the corporate investors as well as the private investors. This makes the company to have an expansive scope in addressing their clients.

Erwin Lasshofer’s innovative strategies

Being the owner of INNOVATIS, Erwin came up with different strategies that he implemented in order to achieve his set goal which was to provide the best financial services to mamy people. The expansiveness of his company is ine of the factors that makes him earn clients from all over the world. Erwin Lasshofer in Singapore established fresh entities where he drew the interest of many financial investors. Among the strategies to offer all the financial solutions are consulting and asset management. The consulting feature was a strategy that would implement fund investment advices for his clients. The asset management on the other hand was a strategy that follows the needs of the clients through the company’s asset management team.



Erwin Lasshofer

Erwin Lasshofer : The dedicator

Erwin Lasshofer the sole proprietary owner of the INNOVATIS is a greatest dedicator who dedicated his life for the world of finance. In spite of the difficulties faced by him on the road to success he defeated all the difficulties with his dedication and hard work. His dedication results as INNOVATIS with clients worldwide. From the age of 24 he worked hard to become a listed investment firm.

INNOVATIS Kingdom:           

            Erwin Lasshofer’s ideas are different which can be “VIEWED IN ALL OF ERWIN LASSHOFER’S PRESENTATIONS“. He is too active which can be identified from his connections with the professionals of other industry. His activity inspires everyone to be a part of his business. With his forward view he established his kingdom in all the five continents of the world with a huge success starting from Austria and expanded to Guernsey, South Africa, Italy, Panama, the UK, the Bahamas and now in Switzerland. The first INNOVATIS was a grand success in Hamburg, Germany started in the year 2001.

Outstanding services:

INNOVATIS not only expanded its company it also stepped its foot in various sectors of financial sector with the best team of INNOVATIANS. The team concentrates on every single client and provide them the services they need in the better quality for long run. With a wide global network the services provided by them are outstanding in the field of asset management. The network includes from banks to the lawyers. The services provided by them are highly secured.

Be wealthy and be healthy with INNOVATIS by your side:

Wealth management which is a major need for every human is an investment discipline that comprises of many financial services including investment portfolio management. The first choice and the best choice that comes to mind for wealth management is INNOVATIS with the greatest services and ideas provided by them leads to maximise one’s wealth. Their wide range of services made them different and attracted many towards them. Erwin Lasshofer: A Great Choice for Wealth Manager, whose tips for wealth management “Having a nest egg is not enough” states that Everyone should be prepared to handle the wealth, Spending it like the world is no more is not a wise choice whereas on the other hand saving it does not maximises it. Planning the financial future will play a major role in wealth management which lead to maximisation of wealth in a correct way.

Five critical questions you must ask your financial adviser

Before you decide on any financial adviser and place your trust in him or her, you must be prepared to hold proper consultations to understand whether you can really benefit from their help. You cannot afford to make a decision without considering whether they can help you. In order to understand how you can do this you must be prepared to ask questions for any queries you have in mind.

These are the questions you should be asking

What are the qualifications of the financial adviser?

It is perfectly normal to make an enquiry about the credentials, and any training that the financial adviser has gone through. This question will help you understand whether he or she is capable is competent enough to deal with the financial market.

What is the experience he or she possesses?

Asking questions about their experience is also extremely important. You may want to understand which company they have been affiliated with earlier. Well-connected financial advisers will have no hesitation in giving the information to you. You must only deal with an individual who has at least three to four years of experience and can ignore amateurs who will not be able to help you. Individuals like Erwin Lasshofer who is the sole proprietary owner and managing director of Innovatis GmbH is an individual with more than 20 years of experience in the business of financial services. He worked as an area manager for a listed investment company for two years before his passion for the financial market encouraged them to get started on his own.

What are the services available?

Financial advisers offer several types of services some of which may not be suitable for your requirements. The onus off asking for the services they offer will be on you because you will be required to understand whether you would have access to personalized portfolios or will receive professional advice on different types of investment products. He or she must be able to give the information about the services apart from how they will communicate with you regularly. It is essential for you to be able to meet them quite often and receive information about your account with them. Erwin Lasshofer will have no hesitation in giving you information about the pros of asset consulting because this is their policy developed by the consulting firm Innovatis.

What are the charges you will be required to pay?

If you are asking for services, it is certain that you will be expected to pay for the services received. Therefore, it is essential for you to enquire how much the charges will be. Financial advisers generally work on a commission while some request for hourly wages. Therefore, you will be required to ask for details about the charges and make a request that the same be given in black-and-white. This will ensure you do not make any mistakes and are not in for a surprise after the services have been provided.

Can you give me information about accounts you have managed successfully?

Remember you are looking for proof about the competency of the financial adviser talking to you. He or she must be able to demonstrate their expertise along with proof of the accounts they have managed.

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A career in financing

People create career in order to create an established income, and a stable lifestyle, for personal reason, or service reasons. Whatever the reason is, people look into career because they want to feel safe. With many fields and careers out there, you wouldn’t know what to get, and where best you will benefit.

Erwin Lasshofer knew what he wanted, and that is a career in finance. Lasshofer started his career at age 22, in a listed investment firm. Two years later, already an area manager in that firm, he decided to quit and start his own finance based company. INNOVATIS was established in Hamburg, Germany on the year 1994. Although his experience solely relied on that investment firm he was working from, he proved himself to clients and investors that his is capable of bringing high quality products and services.

Over the years, Lasshofer continued to strengthen his company, and continuously attract clients and investors. By year 2001, Lasshofer has expanded his company to Hong Kong, United Kingdom, then to South Africa, and the Bahamas. By that same year he was able to co-establish several separate legal entities. Each of these entities focuses on specific fields such as, product development, asset management, investment planning, and more.
Ten years later, he established INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, a company that focuses on creating a tailor-fit portfolio with best financial planning that caters to the needs of specific clients. This form of self-innovation and high standard goal has created a well-established background for Erwin Lasshofer.

When you look at Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG, you will see a long list of achievements, and one of these achievements is creating a team with well experienced seniors and high potential wealth managers that aims to create a long term relationship with its clients. They establish a mutual trust, understanding and communication in the needs of each client, and create a form of social competence and specialization in the field of finance.

With 20 years of experience, Erwin Lasshofer manages to create a name for himself and his own company. He dedicated more the two decades of his life to establish a great career as a wealth manager in the finance industry and proving that one man can create a great career. Check out the latest tweets from Erwin Lasshofer and be inspired by his own determination in taking his career to his own hands.

Financial stability in retirement years

There is always a lingering question, how can you be financially stable when you are already retired. Is it having enough savings to last you in the old years? Maybe, just securing all your assets would be the best bet? Questions such as these linger in the mind of businessmen as they near their years of being retired. Often times, they brush it off and solve it in the future, which often results to a mistake.

Economic crisis can happen at any given time, often time brushing off questions on financial stability, or putting self-pride on protecting your own asset is not always a good plan. In order to feel, and know, you are secure in your finances now and in the future, it is best to establish a financial plan.

Financial planning is making your financial asset secure, expanded and achieves your financial goal before you retire. But, handling your own finances can be tricky, especially when you are not an expert on the field of finance.

When handling your finances, you need to decide on how to expand your asset first, where the good place to invest is, and what to do in order to firmly secure your asset for your retirement years. These kinds of actions and decisions can be made by experts, or a team of financial experts.

Erwin Lasshofer created a well-cut financial plan that provides stability on assets and security. This plan has a continuous flow of benefit until your retirement years. The Innovative Strategy of INNOVATIS provides reliability, assurance, sustainability, and transparency of investment actions.

Lasshofer has developed a team of highly trained individuals, with international experience and competitiveness. This kind of team gives you assurance of a successful outcome that can benefit you through your retirement years.

The importance of security and continuous expansion of asset is high when you have finally retired. It is important to have a team of expert to handle your finances while you are still in the working stage of your life. You can focus more on increasing your income while the experts focus on securing and expanding your asset with the best benefit for you in mind.

The economy can change over time; there is no saying when it will go up and when it will go down. When you’ve finally retired it is best to have a secure and continuous expanding asset to provide yours personal and retirement needs.

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Erwin Lasshofer and his career in the financial services industry

Getting established in the business of monetary services is not an easy task. Ervin Lasshofer managed to accomplish this objective at a relatively young age of 22. Ervin managed to do so by working with an investment company which was listed to learn the nuances of the trade. Thereafter, Erwin decided it was time to make his mark in the financial industry to establish a company of his own by the age of 24.

Erwin Lasshofer Talks about himself and INNOVATIS

Initially, this was not an easy task for Erwin despite having the knowledge to succeed in the business chosen. It was a challenge for Erwin to convince investors in the corporate and retail sectors about his abilities at project financing, designing investment products and managing funds. Erwin finally managed to succeed when business started pouring in earlier than expected leaving him focusing on the markets of Asia and Europe.

The success of his initial venture led to dream of building a network of consulting firms to assist investors of all kinds regardless about their wealth. It was this dream along with the experience gained by Erwin Lasshofer, which helped him to achieve his vision and gave birth to INNOVATIS. For more detailed information see Erwin Lasshofer – innovatis-organization.

It wasn’t long before different entities of INNOVATIS were founded and established in different territories offering diversified services, which included but were not limited to strategic development for investors, trading of fixed income and other products and regulated investment funds.

Erwin Lasshofer’s business profile as Founder at INNOVATIS AG

It was in 2011 when Erwin founded INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG, which is an investment firm for global assets and utilizes an approach known as unique to the world of financial consulting. This is a single-point service center for investors of all types. The services provided by INNOVATIS (Suisse) along with their investment team keep in mind the requirements of the client creating personalized portfolios and to develop financial products, which are tailor-made.

Erwin has often been interviewed and questioned about his advice to a budding wealth or an asset adviser looking forward to making a mark in the business. The advice provided by Erwin is not just simple but also practical. Erwin advises newcomers to the field to get a degree and some experience by working with an investment firm, to think like a CEO and to be prepared to work harder than their teammates. It is essential for a wealth adviser to have the abilities required to create innovative financial solutions for clients as required. Being reliable and honest is just as important because success cannot be measured by a profitable business or high-paying job.

Erwin Lasshofer helping to make people’s dreams come true

If you haven’t heard about the man himself already, let me introduce you to Erwin Lasshofer, an entrepreneur, visionary, and genius of a personality. With over 20 years of experience in the field of financial management and strategic planning, this Austrian-born man started his career at the age of just 22. Taking quick leaps and bounds in the next couple of years, Erwin opened his own company at the age of 24 in Hamburg, Germany.

With the company named as INNOVATIS, Erwin looked to aiding his clients with meeting their financial goals and also educating them about the risks, benefits, and the usefulness of managing their money properly. As he started gaining rapid popularity, both individual clients and corporate investors from all over Asia and Europe were lining up for his advice regarding financial aspects. Specializing in fund management, financing projects, and individually catering to each and every client, Erwin earned an unmatched reputation.

By 2001, Erwin Lasshofer fulfilled his goal of expanding his brand to Hong Kong, South Africa, Austria, UK, Bahamas, and Panama. INNOVATIS with the started to become a popular name outside of its country of origin. This time, their range of services extended to strategic development regarding projects, trading of income, management of investment funds, and many other aspects of finance. Being the visionary that Erwin is, his goals didn’t stop there as he kept on striving to higher ground in the market.

By hiring exceptionally talented, brilliantly qualified, and highly motivated personnel, INNOVATIS began another major project in 2011 that satisfy needs of every specific client portfolio management, asset advising, and supplying custom financial products. Erwin Lasshoffer’s company went from being a Germany-based endeavor to an international giant, offering one of the best finance management services in the entire world.

You require assistance from a company that will not only guide you through every step of your plan but also get the work done according to your business ethics. INNOVATIS founded by Erwin Lasshofer will provide you exactly that. Striving to achieve perfection in every step of the way, this company promises to bring you services that are unparalleled in terms of efficiency and the results. Having made millions of people meet their financial dreams, INNOVATIS aims to provide only the highest quality consultancy and finance management advice that will take you a long way to realizing the true potential of your business.

Erwin Lasshofer: The Man Behind INNOVATIS

Erwin Erwin Lasshofer has always been about bringing new and innovative ideas to the financial world. So it was no surprise when he opened his first INNOVATIS in Germany in 2001. The clients are institutions, asset managers, family companies, and select individuals with a high net worth. INNOVATIS provides clients with transparency, security, flexibility, speediness, independence from banks, and personalized care in the field of asset management.

Erwin Lasshofer has been dedicated to his dream since he was a young man. The Austrian-born native began in a listed investment firm. He quickly moved up to area manager and left the firm at the age of 24 to start his own business. He began with the INNOVATIS in Germany and then quickly founded more branches. INNOVATIS is now located in ten countries worldwide. Erwin Lasshofer currently acts as managing director and sole proprietary owner of INNOVATIS GmbH Austria. He also serves as board member to other INNOVATIS branches.

INNOVATIS leads the industry with its one-stop-shop service that combines asset management with the structuring of financial products. This allows clients to get tailor-made products that are customized to their specific needs such as currency, maturity, and security. They also have specially developed software that is constantly monitoring securities and portfolios.

Each INNOVATIS is its own separate legal entity that must comply with the legal regulations of the country in which it is doing business. Each entity focuses on one of three main business areas. The consulting branch helps to advise the client on setting up and structuring a course of action that would best suit their needs. This branch also acts as the marketing and designs strategic development for all the INNOVATIS entities. The asset management branch builds long-term international relationships with the client through the use of tailor-made portfolios that are specific to each individual client. Finally the equity and real estate branch funds and develops that are owned by INNOVATIS. They also work with some highly qualified third party developments as well.

Erwin Lasshofer has been bringing his cutting-edge know-how to the financial field for over twenty years. There are not many companies that have the experienced staff and convenient locations that INNOVATIS does. Those wishing to contact INNOVATIS can reach them at For more information about INNOVATIS you can also check out their website